Producing Cold Finished Steel Bars - Since 1971
Tailor Made to Meet the Market's End Use Applications

At St. Louis Cold Drawn we have been producing cold finished steel bar since 1971.

From the very beginning, we designed our process to tailor-make cold drawn steel bars to meet the market's end use applications. This strategy distinguished us from the competition and is the major factor contributing to our successful growth from 50 tons in 1971 to our current ranking as the 3rd largest domestic producer in our field.

We have proven ourselves as world-class producers of cold drawn steel bars by consistently exceeding the expectations of our diverse customer base and adapting to a changing global market.

State-of-the-art equipment ... a commitment to unsurpassed quality ... and our strong focus on customer service make us the ideal choice for your cold finished steel bar requirements. Check our current inventory of cold finished steel bar.

Who We Are
Our History


St. Louis Cold Drawn has grown to become the 3rd largest domestic producer in its field.

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Our Products
Steel Bars - Multiple Applications


St. Louis Cold Drawn produces cold finished steel bars, tailor made to the market's end use applications.

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Unsurpassed Quality
Going Beyond Industry Standards

Quality Cold Finished Steel Bar

STQPS is the living blueprint for creating an environment of continuous improvement by the identification and elimination of waste.

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