St. Louis Cold Drawn Builds State-of-the-Art Kasto Storage System
January 15, 2017

There is a new – and prominent – addition to North St.
Louis County.  If you head toward the Chain of Rocks Bridge on I-270, just one mile from the river
, you will see a tall blue building soaring above the landscape, sporting a massive American flag. This is the new Kasto storage and delivery system at St. Louis Cold Drawn.  STLCD, a steel bar-producing plant that has been in North St. Louis County for more than four decades, broke ground for the nine-story storage facility in the spring of 2015 and completed construction in spring 2016.

The Kasto is an automated system for storing and retrieving bundles of steel bars. It is built around two 88-foot steel structures housing more than 2,300 compartments. Each compartment is designed to hold 10,000 pounds of steel, which brings the total capacity of the system to just over 12,000 tons, or roughly 24 million pounds. The steel structures flank a gantry crane that has two platforms capable of simultaneously storing and retrieving up to ten tons of material. Branching out from the storage system are four stations for loading and unloading steel. These stations are equipped with barriers, sensors, and switches to identify and respond to the minutest of variations in the machine’s operation, promoting efficiency and safety as hundreds of thousands of pounds of goods are moved each hour. Automatic carriages bring steel from these loading stations to the two truck bays that run perpendicular to the crane, depositing the steel within feet of the flatbeds. With the addition of the Kasto, crane movements have been minimized, material flow streamlined, and loading time has been significantly cut.

Kasto, the system’s designer, is a company based in Achern, Germany, that was founded in 1844 and is now a worldwide innovator in sawing and storing metal products. Together with STLCD, the system in St. Louis, MO was custom designed to meet the expanding needs of the company. Today the Kasto at St. Louis Cold Drawn is the newest, tallest, and most advanced system of its kind in North America, and the company looks forward to putting this technology to work in service to its customers.