Slideshow of The Cold Drawn Process

1.  Our process begins with either hot-rolled steel coils or hot-rolled straight bars from the mill. When hot-rolled bars are used, they are drawn individually. When coils are used, overhead cranes use C-hooks to safely lift the coil onto the "Payoff-Decoiler."

Hot-rolled steel coils are lifted onto the Payoff-Decoiler. Hot rolled steel bars are drawn individually.

2.  Steel unwraps from the "Payoff De-Coiler" and is fed through the horizontal and vertical pre-straightener rollers to "break the memory" of the coil.

3.  Steel continues on through the shot blaster so that the surface of the bar can be cleaned of all scale and rust.

Steel continues through shot blaster so surface of hot rolled steel can be cleaned of scale and rust. Drawing unit pulls steel through die.

4.  Now the steel is push-pointed through a die. The drawing unit will then pull the steel through that same die, in a continuous motion.

5.  Continuous straightening is maintained by passing the steel through more rollers.

6.  Non-destructive testing is in place on all drive lines to ensure that surface defects from the raw materials are being detected and sorted out.

Straightening maintained by passing steel through rollers. Non-destructive testing in place on all drive lines.

7.  More straightening processes are in place throughout the draw line.

8.  Shear barrels or shear knives will shear or cut the bar to the customer's desired length.

9.  The final straightening process occurs at the 2-roll straightener when the bar passes through the large concave and convex rolls. Guide blades, angles and pressure all contribute to the final straightness of the bar.

Final straightening occurs at 2-roll straightener when steel bar passes through concave and convex rolls.

Cold finished straight bars are weighed.

10.  Cold finished straight bars accumulate at the delivery table where they are

11.  The finished bundle is banded with steel strapping and steel banding clips. The bundle
  is painted on the end per the customer spec and identified with a tag.

Finished bundle is banded with steel strapping and clips, painted on end and identified with a tag.

12.  Customers notify us when they need their steel, and the bundles are selected from
  the inventory stock and loaded on flat bed trucks for shipment.