Company History

St. Louis Cold Drawn was founded in 1971 by Lyle and Nadine McNair. It began as a start-up company with minimal capital. Operations were carried out in a small industrial garage with an annual production capacity of 2,000 tons, which made STLCD, in 1971, the smallest cold-drawer in the country.

Lyle & Nadine McNair - Founders of St. Louis Cold Drawn
Lyle & Nadine McNair - Founders of St. Louis Cold Drawn

William McNair, Lyle and Nadine's son, joined the company in 1974. When his parents retired, William became president. Under his tenure, St. Louis Cold Drawn opened new locations in both the United States and Mexico, increased production to more than 100,000 tons annually, and came to employ nearly 200 people.

William McNair, son of Lyle and Nadine McNair

Today, St. Louis Cold Drawn is managed by two of William's children, Steven and Ryan McNair. Under their leadership, the company has made significant advancements in the cold-drawing industry. They have invested in state-of-the-art testing equipment, built the most advanced steel-storage system in the country, and grown their facility in Monterrey to become the largest cold-drawer in Mexico. From its beginning, the company's growth has been achieved without acquisitions and without company financing outside of business profits.

Lyle and Nadine strove continuously to improve operational efficiencies and tirelessly to meet their customers' needs. These values remain with the McNair family, with the company, and with all members of the St. Louis Cold Drawn team. We look forward to future opportunities to serve our customers.