Inline Eddy Current Testing of Cold Finished Steel Bar

Eddy current testing of cold finish steel barsAt St. Louis Cold Drawn we take eddy-current surface testing very seriously. All of our cold finishing lines are equipped with both coil comparators and rotary probes. We have invested over $3 million in our state-of-the-art eddy-current testing equipment. Unlike conventional cold drawing lines, our eddy-current testing units are placed after all production processes, in bar-to-bar form. This method ensures:

(1) A superior test due to significant reductions in vibrations and electronic interferences

(2) No mid-bar eddy current signal suppression

(3) No subsequent cold finishing or handling defects occurring after testing

Double eddy current testing in bar form is more costly and requires significantly more valuable floorspace (compared to those in conventional cold finishing lines) but we believe it is necessary for adequate eddy-current testing in a production environment.